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Micah Halter

June 19, 2018


Micah Halter - a developer, researcher, and bartender


micah [--student] [--employee] [--admin systems|databases] [--developer] [--researcher]


I have been interested in computer science since I was six years old, and have built up an unmatched passion for the field. I have extensive experience in software development and research from internships, projects, and competitions. I am currently a full-time student at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s College of Computing as a computer science major with a focus in system architecture and theory, and am working part-time as a Student Research Assistant at the Georgia Tech Research Institute.



Bachelor of Computer Science - Georgia Institute of Technology - Anticipated 2019

* I am pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Science degree with a focus in
  system architecture and theory.

Study Abroad - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - Fall 2017

* I spent a semester studying abroad in Hong Kong

* I traveled around Japan and China to experience and learn about other

Kindred Spirits Atlanta, LLC - Co-Owner and Bartender - Dec 2018-Present

* Cater events with bartending and mixology services

* Create curated cocktail menus for events with innovative and complex
  recipes to meet the needs of all event attendees

* Engage with customers and provide outstanding service and
  hospitality to build customer relations and increase company value

* Maintain and file all necessary legal documents to ensure legitimacy
  of the business

Georgia Tech Research Institute - Student Research Assistant - Aug 2017-Present

* I have been developing and research a new data model for handling and
  analyzing sonar data

* I have developed, deployed, and currently administer a web application
  hosting this new data model

The Boeing Company - System Architect Intern - May 2017-Aug 2017

* I developed a security auditing tool suite for Red Hat Enterprise
  Linux 7 using Bash

* I helped develop a web-based data visualization tool using HTML5, C#,
  and SQL Server

* I developed several perl scripts as needed by team members

Georgia Tech Research Institute - Student Research Assistant - Aug 2016-May 2017

* I researched and implemented a crime forecasting system using Python
  and PostgreSQL

* I worked on the development of a wearable technology based 911
  communication tool using Python and PostgreSQL

The Boeing Company - IT Intern - May 2016-Aug 2016

* I documented and executed an upgrade plan for the company's identity
  management servers

* I developed an Outlook-integrated conference room mapping tool using
  Visual C# and Visual Basic

* I designed and began developemnt of a web-based Kanban board tool
  using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript

* I developed an in-house analytics tool to manage which types of
  employees are accessing certain sites using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript

Georgia Tech Research Institute - Student Research Assistant - Jan 2015-May 2016

* I worked on the development of a parallel, distributed stream
  processing library using functional programming in Scala
--admin systems

Through work opportunities and personal projects, I have had extensive experience with the configuration, hardening, and maintenance of various Linux distributions, including:

* Red Hat Enterprise Linux

* Debian, Ubuntu

* Arch Linux

Personal Arch Linux Configuration - http://gitlab.com/mehalter/dotfiles

* I have been working on a vim-based Linux configuration

* My current workflow includes tools like a tiling window manager
  (i3-gaps), the vim text editor, and many command line interface

* I have written many custom scripts in various languages including
  Bash and Python to automate commands I run often and to manage things
  like tasks and frequently visited directories
--admin databases

Through my work experiences I have become skilled in many database languages including MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and SQL Server. These experiences range from designing a full database schema, administrating and managing an existing database, and writing queries to parse through the data.


I have worked on several development projects in both work environments and personally using a plethora of different programming languages and paradigms.

Clean Water Crowdsourcing - https://gitlab.com/mehalter/Clean-Water-Crowdsourcing

* We completed the full-stack development process from design to
  implementation of a full Java based application

* Demonstrated good development practices to make sure code is concise,
  maintainable, and sharable.

Huffman Coding Compression - http://gitlab.com/mehalter/Huffman-Coding-C

* I wrote a C based implementation of the Huffman compression algorithm
  for a final project in my Data Structures I class

Multi-Player Conway’s Game of Life - http://gitlab.com/mehalter/Multiplayer-Game-of-Life

* I wrote a Java based version of Conway's Game of Life for a final
  project in an Introductory to Complex Systems class

* I added new rules to this famous cellular-automata to explore how
  competition would affect the game

While working at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, I have found that I love being involved with research projects. I enjoy taking charge of open ended questions and exploring new methods and ways of tackling tough problems.


Outside of the field of computer science I have many hobbies and passions including Ultimate Frisbee, coffee, and music.

At Georgia Tech and the greater Atlanta area, I am a very active member of the Ultimate Frisbee community. This includes playing on multiple competitive teams throughout the years and competing in tournaments nationally and globally.

I have been an avid coffee enthusiast for several years, frequenting many coffee shops, getting to know local coffee roasters and baristas, and hand brewing my own craft coffee.

Growing up I was very involved with band and played many instruments including piano and flute. Nowadays I don’t play very often, but love to attend concerts and live music events.


Phone: (704) 490-9840

Email: micah@mehalter.com

GPG: 532C 083C 2D6A 4752 46F1 8639 E10C 6AE7 BF5B 1D1F

Website: http://mehalter.com

GitLab: http://gitlab.com/mehalter